Cookies Policy


At, we are strongly committed to being transparent about our use of cookies and safeguarding the privacy of our users.

Before using any cookies on our site, we want you to be fully informed with this comprehensive cookies policy. Get up to speed with what information we collect using cookies, how your data is used and stored, and the control you have over your cookie preferences.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored by your browser that allow websites to recognize your device and remember information about your visit. We use cookies to provide and improve our services.

Types of Cookies: General Classification

Cookies are categorized as essential or non-essential:

  • Essential cookies are always active and enable core functions like navigation and access to secure areas, shopping carts, and payment processing. Without essential cookies, key site operations would fail to work properly. These cookies are always active by default and cannot be disabled without severely impacting the user experience.
  • Non-essential cookies improve user experience but are not critical for site functionality. Still, they do enhance the user’s browsing experience. Examples include functionality cookies that remember language preferences, performance cookies that collect analytics data, and targeting/advertising cookies used for personalized ad delivery. Users have the option to disable non-essential cookies if desired, although doing so may limit access to certain features and content, such as videos, images or animations, leading to a poor UX.

Why We Use Cookies

We only use cookies from vendors compliant with GDPR requirements to protect user data:

  • Essential cookies that enable basic site functionality like navigation and access to secure areas. These are critical and cannot be disabled.
  • Performance cookies that help us understand how visitors interact with our site by collecting usage data anonymously.
  • Functionality cookies that remember your preferences like language selection to customize your experience.
  • Advertising cookies used to deliver relevant promotions by tracking browsing habits. You can opt out in your browser settings.

Which Cookies We Use

Some key cookies we utilize include:

  • _ga, _gid (Google Analytics) – store anonymous visit data like pages viewed. These cookies expire after 2 years and 1 day respectively. They collect anonymous data about user visits including pages viewed, duration, and page interactions. This allows us to analyze traffic patterns and site performance.
  • wp-settings (WordPress) – enable site editor functions. This session-based cookie enables our site editors to access customized admin settings. It is essential for editing and publishing site content.
  • Optinmonster – enables subscriptions and allows us to see whether a visitor is new or returning.
    • random]-countdown-element – optinmo_omappvpnster – enables. Expires in 15 mins.
    • [random]-topeka-countdown-element – optinmonster – used to create countdown timer campaigns and subscriptions – expires in 15 mins.
    • [random]-baltimore-countdown-element – optinmonster – used to create countdown timer campaigns and subscriptions – expires in 15 mins.
    • om-[random] – optinmonster – expires in 1 month
    • _omappvs – optinmonster – Helps recognize returning visitors to provide a more personalized experience based on their previous activity.
    • _omappvp – optinmonster – Helps recognize returning visitors. Expires in 11 years.

How to Control Cookies on

Some cookies expire when you close your browser while others persist for longer. For example, wp-settings expires after your session but _ga remains for 2 years.

We use cookies from services like Google Analytics and Optimizely that have their own opt-out mechanisms.

You can manage cookies in your browser settings. Every browser’s different when it comes to cookies, so you’ll have to dig into the help docs to figure it all out. Be aware that disabling cookies may impact your experience but you can re-enable them at any time.


For experts, transparency with players comes first. That’s why we use such a limited number of cookies and potentially harmful trackers.

Yet, we kindly ask you to let us know if we can provide any additional details surrounding our use of cookies and tracking technologies. We want you to feel fully empowered to make informed choices when picking an online casino or bonus from