Are Anonymous Prepaid Cards Suitable for Casino Deposits?

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Anonymous Prepaid Cards for Online Casino Deposits

Looking for an anonymous payment method to use for your casino transactions? In this case, anonymous prepaid cards might be the answer! Online gambling platforms widely accept these methods because they provide flexibility for both the player and the operator. Find out from our expert, Alexandra Camelia Dedu, why you should be using prepaid cards as your anonymous payment option!

How Do Anonymous Prepaid Cards Work?

How Do Prepaid Cards Work

Prepaid cards usually contain a certain amount of money which you can use to make online payments. Since they do not require banking details to function, they are much safer for gambling and keep your identity hidden.

While the rules guiding the transactions with prepaid vouchers may differ in each casino site – anonymous vouchers themselves work the same way:

  1. Before finding your online betting account, you must first purchase a prepaid card from any trusted retailer or online store, such as Astropay and PaysafeCard.
  2. The retailer will then send you a PIN that you can link with your card and input anytime you deposit with a prepaid card.
  3. The best prepaid online casinos allow you to choose any card as a deposit method on their website by choosing it in the cashier section.
  4. You then input the PIN code to transfer the funds from your voucher to your account’s balance.

Most of the top online casinos accept alternatives to prepaid cards to process withdrawal transactions, and this is because prepaid services do not usually support receiving funds. 

What Are the Prepaid Card Giants

The best-prepaid cards in the gambling industry offer convenience and safety. You can make deposits with these cards without the fear of being scammed.

  • PaysafeCard is loved by many gamblers because it is simple to use.  It offers you an opportunity to claim casino bonuses, like free spins. PaysafeCard gaming sites are easy to use and process deposits instantly.
  • NeoSurf is a popular prepaid voucher because it offers casino punters a dual nature. You can use the MyNeosurf app to make deposits and connect your cards to NeoSurf casinos. You can also use the Neosurf virtual card, which is faster and simpler.

If you start using anonymous prepaid vouchers for your casino transactions, you know for a fact that you will find them as payment providers on the newest online casino platforms. Our experts recommend trying out Ruby Vegas for its €20 for 100 low-wagering spins offer. This deal is especially good if you’re an inexperienced gambler because the 10x rollover is easy to progress.

What Are the Advantages of Using Anonymous Prepaid Cards?

What Are the Advantages of Using Anonymous Prepaid Cards_

There are a lot of benefits to enjoy when using prepaid cards for your casino funding. Aside from anonymity, you can explore the following advantages to get the best out of prepaid cards.

  1. Maximum Security Against Hackers: Prepaid cards protect your personal and bank details from hackers. They are not connected to your bank account, so fraudsters cannot easily access your account. You can use Visa Prepaid cards by simply inputting a PIN and your gift card details.
  2. Effective Budget Control: Prepaid cards are a great way to control your budgeting, and this is because they only allow you to deposit what is on your voucher. Making sure it’s easier to bet responsibly. You can also use prepaid cards to play on our tested minimum deposit casino sites and even claim promotions like the 21Casino welcome offer for €10.
  3. Simple and Straightforward to Use: Both beginners and experts can easily use prepaid cards to make deposits. You can also buy cards from any reliable seller and link them to their casino account. Follow the guidelines available on the casino site to link cards to your account.
  4. No Credit Check: Unlike other banking methods, prepaid cards do not require a credit check to function. If you have an unprofitable credit history, you can still make deposits.
  5. Instant Deposit Transaction: Prepaid cards complete deposit transactions quickly – this means you will spend less time in front of the Cashier sections.
  6. Available At International Gambling Sites: International casino sites also adopted prepaid card methods because they offer flexibility. It’s a good idea to see which banking method is best for your region.

Are There Any Reasons to Stay Away from Anonymous Prepaid Cards?

Prepaid cards come with cons that can make your gambling experience unproductive. We recommend knowing these drawbacks so you can learn how to navigate through them and enjoy funding your casino account.

  1. Withdrawal Activities Are Not Supported Everywhere: Prepaid cards do not allow withdrawal transactions on all sites. Check out other payment options for withdrawal that are more widely available.
  2. Restricted Reload Activities: Prepaid cards limit the number of times and the amount you can fund into your card. That is, you can only reload with the same amount of money you sent into your card the first time. You will have to buy another prepaid voucher to send more money – this usually requires a long, inconvenient process.
  3. Potential For Fees: You may have to pay additional transaction fees to make deposits with Prepaid cards. The amount of extra fees depends on the type of card you use.

How Do Prepaid Cards Compare to Other Payment Methods?

Prepaid cards have similar features as some online payment methods. However, they are known to offer distinct features that attract players. You don’t need to input personal details to deposit with prepaid vouchers, so you are much safer by remaining anonymous and keeping your bank details and personal information offline.

Prepaid vouchers that are widely accepted sometimes charge extra fees during deposit transactions. However, you will not find charges larger than $2.5 – so they are less profitable than other online paying platforms. This payment method usually has a maximum deposit limit of $10000, making them a great choice for high rollers.

Also, most of the time, these do not allow withdrawal transactions. Casinos offer an alternative method to make withdrawals – you can check the terms and conditions to know which withdrawal options are accepted in the online casino.

Payment Method Withdrawal Available Withdrawal Time Maximum Deposit Fees
Prepaid Cards No Not available Usually $100000 Yes, under $2.5
Cards Yes 1-3 days Usually no limit No
Pay by Phone No Not available Usually $50-100 No
E-wallets Yes Instant Usually no limit No

How to Make the Most of Your Anonymous Prepaid Cards

How to Make the Most of Your Prepaid Cards

While prepaid cards are the next big thing in the online gambling world due to helping you remain anonymous while playing, they can be a disadvantage in the hands of a gambler who isn’t familiar with the following:

  1. Avoid making refunds: Prepaid Cards charge extra fees during deposit transactions –  it is better to avoid making refunds so you don’t have to spend a lot on taxes.
  2. Avoid service fees: PaysafeCard deducts a monthly service fee of $3 from the residual credit of your PaysafeCard account. You can avoid service fees by reloading your card less frequently, so you don’t have to pay a lot of service fees.
  3. Make transactions yearly: Load your card yearly to avoid or reduce the frequency of maintenance fees and other unnecessary extra fees.
  4. Ensure your bank account is functioning properly: Prepaid cards do not support withdrawal activities, so you have to use a working bank account to make transfers.  Some casinos also allow you to use other payment options methods, such as e-wallets.
  5. Read the terms and conditions: The terms and conditions of prepaid card organizations contain rules that will guide you when making transactions. It is important to go through them so you don’t make mistakes.

Are Prepaid Cards the Best Option for You?

Prepaid cards are among gamblers’ favorite payment options because they offer safety, convenience, no credit checks, and effective budget control. However, it also comes with some disadvantages, such as the inability to make withdrawals, restricted reload options, and additional fees.

By comparing the pros and cons of prepaid cards and learning the basics of casino payment methods, you can decide if prepaid vouchers are suitable for your gaming preferences.