Casino KYC Decoded: A Guide to Casino Verification Checks

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What is KYC?

Did you know a staggering 28% of players have trouble passing KYC checks, according to industry surveys? Don’t let verification woes keep you from your payout and learn from our experienced gambling authors!

You’ll get pro tips for seamless verification, from choosing reliable documents to providing clear photos. With this easy-to-follow KYC guidance, you can speed through identity verification and focus on playing your favorite games. No more endlessly waiting around for ambiguous additional checks. Let’s master painless KYC once and for all!

What is KYC?

KYC stands for “Know Your Customer.” It refers to identity verification processes used by all online casinos to confirm players are who they claim to be. The key goals of KYC are:

  • Confirming legal name, age, and address of players.
  • Ensuring player funds come from legitimate sources.
  • Preventing fraud, money laundering, and underage gambling.

Casinos meet KYC requirements by collecting identifying documents like passports and addresses via utility bills. Players provide this documentation during signup or before withdrawing winnings.

KYC helps casinos operate safely and comply with anti-money laundering regulations. While a hassle, valid casinos also require ID verification for player protection.

KYC: An Overview

KYC: An Overview

Whether you are experienced or new to online casinos, you might have heard at least once about this process. KYC, a short form for ‘Know Your Customer,’ indicates a casino process. All newly registered players must follow this to prove that the information on their account is accurate. It usually implies sending copies of personal documents that testify to the user’s identity.

Gambling platforms will request the following documents

  • Proof of age: passport/ driving license/ national ID card
  • Proof of address: a recent (less than three months old) utility bill or bank statement
  • Proof of payment method: front and back copy of a debit card/ photo of an e-wallet account

How to upload documents for the KYC?

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Scan the required documents or take a clear photo of them.
  3. Go to the ‘My Account’ section and look for a button that says ‘Upload Documents.’
  4. Drag the files onto the page and press ‘Send’ or ‘Upload.’
  5. Wait for the casino’s approval (it usually takes no more than 24 hours).

The process is as simple as possible, taking only a few minutes to complete. Most gambling sites have an ‘Upload’ section under the account details. However, some will ask you to send the necessary files via email. The email address is usually found on the ‘Contact Us’ page or in the terms and conditions.

Double verification

Sometimes, the verification process might be conducted twice to avoid errors.

  1. First, it will be done by staff members.
  2. After that, a third party may use existing databases to confirm if the personal details submitted match the information in those bases.

If that’s the case, the online casino will specify it in its terms and conditions. In some cases, websites may even accept birth certificates as proof of age. To avoid an extended KYC process, ensure your documents are not expired, and the photos are visible.

Pay attention to the requirements on the ‘Upload’ page, as some files must have a specific size and format (e.g., JPEG, PNG, JPG, BMP, PDF, DOC). If the files you upload have a different format than the ones required, they will get rejected.

KYC vs AML: What is the difference?

Several players, especially those who are new to online gambling, may find it difficult at the beginning to differentiate between KYC and AML. However, the distinction is relatively straightforward once we look into the processes these acronyms stand for.

If KYC is short for the Know Your Customer Process, AML refers to the Anti-Money Laundering guidelines online casinos implement to fight financial crimes. The KYC verifications undergone on online casinos are an integrated part of the AML governmental procedures.

Why is The Casino KYC Procedure Important?

Why is The Casino KYC Procedure Important?

You might wonder why this procedure is necessary. Well, there are several reasons why top online casinos implemented this precautionary measure even before it became mandatory.

1. To prevent underage gambling

Underage gambling is a serious issue among teenagers worldwide. A study showed that 39% of 11-16-year-olds had bet their own money, while 6% gambled online using their parents’ accounts. In some cases, websites may even accept birth certificates as proof of age.

2. Fraud prevention

Regarding online gambling, fraud can be encountered in many forms. Due to the lack of face-to-face interaction, detecting individuals who practice fraudulent activities is a lot harder. These are the most common kinds of fraud in the gambling industry.

  • Identity theft – Users can fraudulently obtain card details and use someone else’s funds as their own. Moreover, they can even play games under other people’s identities by registering with their documents to avoid repercussions, such as losing a large sum.
  • Owning multiple accounts – Individuals may try to create multiple accounts on the same platform to claim various bonuses or manipulate a game’s outcome. Suppose one creates five fake accounts and enters them into a poker game. In that case, one of the accounts will automatically win, and the player won’t experience any losses.
  • Anti-money laundering – Gambling platforms are common targets for individuals who practice money laundering. They are using those websites as filters to ‘clean’ illicit funds. Money launders often gamble the illegally obtained sums to cash out legitimate amounts and avoid being tracked by authorities. KYC helps casino businesses fight money fraud.

3. To avoid gambling addiction

When a player chooses to self-exclude from any gambling activities on a particular website, that company must take imperative steps to prevent him from accessing their services. This includes checking if a self-excluded person is trying to gamble under a different identity.

Casinos Without KYC – All You Need to Know

Online casinos where you can play without sending documents are usually not approved by the MGA, UKGC, Curacao, or other regulatory bodies. Moreover, those that lack a casino KYC procedure are often associated with ‘rogue’ websites. These are home to fraudulent activities and unfair practices, such as refusing to pay out customers or manipulating game outcomes.

To avoid rogue online casinos, always check whether the website you are accessing has a valid license. Licensing information is often found in the website’s footer or, less frequently, on the ‘About’ page. Fortunately, all casinos reviewed by us and listed on our website are extremely safe, as they are licensed and regulated. So, you can expect to have your identity thoroughly verified when registering with any of our casinos. 

Additional information on the KYC verifications

  • Casinos can ask for such documents at any time (before any deposits or withdrawals)
  • Some websites may allow making deposits and playing games before sending the KYC documents.
  • In most cases, uploading them before requesting a withdrawal is mandatory.

What Problems Can You Have With The KYC Procedure?

What Problems Can You Have With The KYC Procedure?

Sometimes, you might need help passing the identity verification stage. Check your email if more than 24 hours have passed and your account still needs approval. You may be contacted by customer support regarding some issues with your documents. This can happen due to one of the following reasons:

Incorrect account details

It is possible that the personal details provided upon registration, such as your date of birth or address, don’t match the documents you sent. Ensure you enter your information correctly and check it twice before pressing ‘Register’ or ‘Sing up.’

A recent change of address

If you moved to another address and still need to update your documents, you might have to wait until the change has been officially acknowledged. You can also contact the support team and ask how to proceed.

Unclear photos or missing information

Avoid accidentally covering any information when scanning or taking pictures of the documents. Due to solid KYC policies, there might be occasions on which you won’t be able to access your account before sending the necessary files.

Taking Everything Into Account

Now that you know the essentials of the KYC process, you can look at multiple offers on our website and choose the best online casino. Remember that all the websites on our platform are licensed, so they will thoroughly verify your identity through several personal documents.

Don’t rush into depositing; some platforms will not allow that before approving your account. Thus, prepare your documents and double-check them before hitting ‘Send.’